We are specialists
in building ships

Vestværftet ApS is a shipyard on the Danish West Coast, which mainly deals with new buildings for the fishing industry. Our customers are from mainly from Northern Europe, for example, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, the Netherlands, Ireland, etc. – but of course, also Denmark.

We design the ships ourselves according to the customer’s wishes and needs, and we take great pride in making each vessel exactly as the customer wants it. At Vestværftet, no task is too demanding.

Our long-term partners in Poland and Latvia produce the hull according to our drawings – after which it is towed to Hvide Sande for further equipment.

In Hvide Sande, the equipment takes place such as setting up accommodation, building engine rooms, connecting gears and motors, mounting and setting up factory and fishing equipment, etc. It is a process in close collaboration with the customer, and wishes are highly valued when the ship is being constructed.

The shipyard currently consists of 5 departments