At Vestværftet ApS, we have performed all types of ship repairs since 1995, and we have a great passion and tradition for quality and good craftsmanship.

Our blacksmiths, ship fitters as well as carpenters, are always ready to perform all kinds of tasks with steel, engine, pipes, fittings, and wood or steel ship repairs – and we can, together with our subcontractors, offer our customers complete solutions.

During major projects or repairs, Vestværftet is happy to help with approvals, inspections, and stability calculations.

Examples of repair tasks that we perform

– Replacement of main motor, gear, or generator set.
– Extension.
– Welding of pipes or plates. (black, stainless, aluminum, or plastic)
– Preparation of vessels for periodic inspection.
– Replacement of planks in wooden ships.
– Various small repairs.